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What’s Upcoming Malaysia’s Green Agenda?

Green Economy Guideline (GEG) - Iskandar Malaysia Green
What measures are the Malaysian government taking to facilitate the response of Malaysian businesses to the climate goals of its trading partners, including under the European Green Deal?

The conservation and preservation of the nation’s environmental heritage for posterity have always been part and parcel of the federal government’s agenda. The fact that Malaysia’s trading partners have begun to stress the importance of the environment in general, and of mitigating climate change in particular, is of course pertinent.

Malaysia government is trying more and more Malaysian companies are embracing ESG principles. They foresee this momentum to continue building up. For instance, the FTSE4Good Bursa Malaysia Index, which only includes companies that meet a variety of ESG criteria, has been growing steadily since its introduction in 2014.

The National Energy Policy will be released in the third quarter of this year and ensure that it adequately addresses current and future challenges. On coal industry, discussions are ongoing within the government apparatus viz between ministries and relevant agencies. While the green agenda is indeed very important to Malaysia’s long-term strategic interests. It has to be balanced by the present energy requirements of Malaysia’s economy. This requires a gradual phasing out of coal, rather than a disruptive approach.

Malaysia is a developing economy hence it needs to ensure that the economy grows while at the same time, safeguarding the environment. This is a difficult issue with competing interests on both sides — one in favour of a more gradual approach, and the other more radical. Malaysian government hopes to strike a good balance between the two. This will be reflected in the National Energy Policy.

 Now, as a proud Malaysian, how can you start to take part in this Green Agenda? You can start from three simple changes in your daily life. First, bring your own bag. Reduce plastic usage whenever you shop. Second, increase the room’s temperature. It takes a lot of energy to cool down the room. Increase 2 degrees by taking shorter and cooler showers. You can save money and also can save the world. Last but not least, try NOP and be a pioneer to preserve plastic usage for toys. You can find more information from,



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