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Considering Between Making Money and Keeping the Promise We Make


It is most challenging to only sell eco-friendly products because cost and convenience are the most essential component to many consumers in the market
However, we decided to sell eco-friendly products only. We made this decision despite knowing that selling eco-friendly products will lead to various troubles for our business.

For example, there are not many products that we can choose from. Also, most of the supply price of eco-friendly products is much higher than standard products. Of course, we are stuck in our ground rule, but we will try to keep our control as much as possible. 👍🏻

I have a son.👦I want my son to live in a clean city in the future, so I will ensure minimal consumption to protect the environment. At least, I will only sell if it does not harm the environment. I hope many of our noP’s friends are doing together! 🥰

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