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About noP!

Nature is not operated by a human!

noP means ‘no operation’.
It is best to aim for no consumption to protect nature, but it isn’t easy in real life. So the least we can do is create eco-friendly products and choose good companies for the environment.
We have to lead a humane life without damaging nature.

noP is a commercial structure, but we will try to protect the earth and people in our business.
We pursue the correct consumption in the most realistic way to protect the earth, people, and me.
Would you mind choosing us? noP!

Our promise

A good product

We will try to select and sell all products of noP that do not harm the environment or people. We will sell sure to have high-quality products for minimal consumption.

A right consumption

noP wants to take a step forward so that it can inform the world of the correct consumption. Therefore, we will do activities that can serve as media based on environmental movements.

Donation 1%

noP promises to donate 1% of its total revenue to non-profit organizations and environmental activists. We will continue our donation in different paths depending on our profit.