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Do Kids Really Need Their Own Room?

That’s a million-dollar question! Parents all over the world have been (and still are) debating over it for decades. While some parents want to move their kid to a separate room soon after toddlerdom, others wait a little longer. Yet again, there are old-school parents who frown at the very idea and exclaim “A separate room for a little child? I didn’t even have a good pair of shoes at that age!” If you are a parent who is wondering whether your kids really need a space of their own, read on. This blog talks about the importance of having a separate kids room in the house and gives you handy tips on how to go about it.

So, should you give your kids a room of their own?

The answer is yes, you should! To begin with, a kids bedroom serves as a little world for the children, separate and unique from the rest of the household. It is their space where imagination and magic unfolds. It is important to let them have this space once they grow older and reaches various developmental milestones, mentally and physically. It will soon become the space where they sleep, play, study and dream. So it is advisable to ease them into their own spaces once they start becoming independent. Still not convinced? Here are four valid reasons you must consider.

It gives them a space to achieve their full potential

Children need a fixed place that is neat and organized to be able to study and reach their full potential.  A little artist would really want some time alone to sit and work on those art projects. It is true that one can make do with transforming a dining table into an all-purpose art and craft station or a study area. But, what will happen to these makeshift arrangements when guests come over? Or when there are other family members who would want their uninterrupted TV time? Ask any artist or math genius and they will tell you how important it is to have an uninterrupted space. A room with separate study tables for kids will provide a positive and distraction-free ambience for the young geniuses, enabling them to experiment and explore their hobbies and passions.   

It helps them develop independence and responsibility

Having a space for themselves from early childhood will help children become independent and responsible as they grow. Learning to sleep alone is one of the first steps in becoming independent. There are really great kids bedroom ideas you can use to make their stay in a separate room comfortable. You can keep a baby monitor in the young years and set up interesting child-friendly night lights to make them happy and safe. They will soon learn the first lessons to trust themselves and rely on their own from an early age onwards. Moreover, allocating duties to children in order to make their own living spaces tidy and organized will have lasting impacts on their character.

It gives them the privacy they need

Yes, you heard it right! Kids need their privacy. This might not be a big concern when your kids are small. However, as they get older, their demand for privacy will also shoot up. They will become more self-conscious and self-aware and would not want to get dressed in front of their parents and siblings.  It is important to give them space and privacy to dress and undress comfortably behind closed doors. In the teenage years, sisters might happily share their space. So will brothers. But if the siblings are of different gender, it is probably time to start thinking about separate rooms for each. Their personalities evolve and they would want to make their room a personal fortress that will reflect their unique personalities and interests.

You need your privacy too

Not just children would want their own space and comforts. Parents need it too. With your kids migrated to their little worlds, you can enjoy some late-night TV or some leisure time of your own in a children-free space. In the busy lifestyles like ours where kids and adults are equally busy with their school and work life, everyone deserves to have their own space to relax, unwind and be intimate peacefully. Setting a room for kids and easing them into their own space is, in that sense, a much-needed blessing in disguise for the parents.

Night Lights for Siblings Sharing a Bedroom | Alpha Mom

A few things to consider when you give your kids their own room

That said, there are a few things you must consider while allocating separate living spaces for your little ones. Here are a few of them:

  • A room for each child vs. shared rooms for siblings

Now, this is a common concern for parents with more than one child. In most Indian families, this decision is taken based primarily on the availability of space. While giving each child a separate room will keep their nasty little fights to a minimum, sharing a space with a sibling will help them imbibe necessary life skills like negotiation, compromise and conflict resolution that will go a long way in preparing them for adult lives. Moreover, young kids might be slightly anxious to learn to fall asleep in a room separate from their parents. Having a sibling in the same bed or in bunk beds will make the process easier for them. Siblings will also develop their special bond while sharing a room in their early childhood years.

  • Ideal time to separate siblings of opposite gender

As we discussed earlier, teenagers will need some ‘me-time’ alone to deal with their changing bodies and complex new emotions. Most often, teenagers is when children will start demanding their own separate space. It is only wiser on your part to respect this demand and provide for this much-needed privacy. Naturally, the teenage years will be a perfect time to start thinking about making more space for the growing needs of your family.

  • Designing the kids’ room in an age-appropriate manner

It isn’t enough to allocate a living space for your kids. You should also design and furnish it in an interesting and age-appropriate manner. If two or more siblings are sharing a single room, there should be ample space to accommodate each child. Special attention should be given to this while selecting the kids’ furniture or kids wardrobe designs. They should have their own separate space within the room for their personal belongings and activities. This might sound like a daunting task, but with a little bit of planning, you can create a perfect little kingdom for your kids.

So, start setting up a room for your kids, making it as attractive and appealing as you can. Before you realize it, they will happily conquer their little kingdoms. Let them have their say in deciding how their rooms should be. Let them grow into the confident, independent beings they are. And most importantly, let their rooms be the first places where they start dreaming and explore their passions.

 Another tip for you to design a room for kids is utilizing a playhouse toy. I know you might feel unsafe leaving your child alone! You can start from a playhouse which can give your children a space to play with. You can watch while children are playing inside, and when you feel comfortable with it, you can slowly adapt yourself to a separate room. Find out more from for various choices for playhouses.



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