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The reason why I chose noP.


The reason why I chose noP.

Before I talk about it, let me ask you some questions. 🧐
What makes you excited these days?Take one more step. What is important in your life?
I have been lethargic and lost my lively life for almost a year after the pandemic started (I know some of you might have the same issue). 🤔

After a while later, I realized that the most important thing in life is communication with myself and get to know myself. 💞
Sometimes we just do things without thinking or fear of missing out (FOMO), like how I did.😣
Pandemic was a painful experience for all of us, but it also gave us a chance to think about ourselves and rebuild our lives in a healthier way.💪

That’s why I chose noP, as it is not only just work, but it makes me motivated and learning about myself too.
Hence whenever I work, I am also trying to give this positive energy to our noP friends.
Let’s overcome pandemic together, and don’t forget, noP is here to help and cheer you guys~ 🥰


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