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Feng shui is a pseudoscientific and traditional practice of arranging the pieces in a living area and creates a balance with the natural world. The philosophy originated in China and is believed to bring happiness and positivity in a person’s life in various ways.

The objective of feng shui is to harness energy forces and create harmony between an individual and its surroundings. The practice has been there for centuries, but it is still not outdated. As a matter of fact, the practice saw quite a Western revival in recent years.

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Currently, thousands of trained feng shui consultants are offering their services across the world. According to its guidelines, a disorganised and dirty house will only bring negativity and thus, you will not feel happy or healthy.

Therefore, you need to clean every corner of your house thoroughly. You can either clean it yourself or hire professionals who offer the best end of lease cleaning. Perfectly clean and organised rooms make your home healthy, bring positive energy and attract more happiness.

Read on to know more about the importance of house cleaning in Feng Shui and tips to carry out the task.

Declutter Your House

Over time you collect several things in the house that lose their importance and become a part of the clutter. It doesn’t make any sense to have such clutter in your house. Thus, you should get rid of such items at the earliest.

According to the philosophy of feng shui, decluttering means making room for new and fresh things while also releasing stagnant energy. Collect all the items and see if you can resale anything. Otherwise, donate your stuff to some NGO, contact a recycle centre or toss them into the garbage.

Clean Your Kitchen

Your cooking area is a vital part of your home that produces life-sustaining energy. Because that energy will be absorbed in the food you prepare, your kitchen should be a location that reflects positivity. A perfect kitchen should be impeccable and have plenty of light and air. It should also be bright and joyful, conveying a sense of well-being, health, and purity.

So, remove the dust from the top of the cabinets, refrigerator, and other surfaces. Then remove the dirt, grease and stains from the stovetop, countertop, kitchen tiles, appliances, etc. Finally, disinfect spots like the handle of drawers, doors, appliances, etc. If you want to clean the kitchen for final inspection, you should get the proper detergent to remove the dirt from the kitchen. noP’s ONESHOT is perfect and it has been proved by so many reviewers. Moreover, it is safe enough to utilize home without any toxic ingredients in it. Find out more from /

How to Clean Your Bathroom

A bathroom is a place where you clean your body to feel refreshed. Thus it should be free from dirt, germs and all kind of impurities. Otherwise, it will make you sick and increase the amount of negativity in the environment. Feng shui advises getting rid of anything that no longer benefits you and keep it spick and span.

So, it is advisable to use a checklist to clean the bathroom thoroughly. Scrub the toilet, bathtub and sink, eliminate limescale from the showerhead, clean the tiles, remove soap scum from shower glass, and unclog the drain in your home. Also, clean and disinfect spots like faucets, toilet seat and flush lever.

Clean Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is where you sleep and where your body, mind heals. This place is very crucial and encourages a healthy flow of mental as well as physical energies. Your bedroom is your personal space that is used for relaxing and sleeping, but that doesn’t mean that you can keep it dirty or gloomy.

It should be perfectly clean, organised, peaceful and should smell fresh and free from germs. So, vacuum the mattress, change the bedsheet, pillow cover, etc. and thoroughly clean every corner. Feng shui believes it will have a positive impact not only on your health and sleep but also on your relationship with your partner.

Clean Windows and Improve Ventilation

Always remember that you should keep your windows clean because they are the eye of your house. If you keep them perfectly clean, they will allow the sunlight to enter and let to see the outer world clearly.

So, spray noP’s ONESHOT on the glasses and scrub properly with a soft sponge before washing the surface. Also, make sure that it is opening and closing perfectly. After that, keep the windows open for some time along with the doors, so the fresh air can enter and take away all the germs, bacteria, and other impurities.


Whether you follow feng shui or not, it is always advisable to keep your abode perfectly clean. It makes your home a healthier and happier place. However, as thousands of people follow it to bring positivity to their life; you can also go for it. Dusting your home on your own can be very stressful. To minimise your stress level, get the proper cleaning materials and get ready to clean this weekend!



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