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Why is Parent Involvement Important in a Child’s Development?

The influence and support of a parent or carer can play a vital role during a child’s personal and educational development. Parents and carers are the child’s first educators and have an opportunity to nurture their child’s growth as well as act as advocates for education. noP is trying to outline the importance of parent involvement and the various ways you can support your child’s educational journey.

What is Parent Involvement?

Parent involvement outlines the commitment and active participation of a parent or carer to the school and children. This includes a range of activities to support and extend a child’s learning at home and school. Examples of parent involvement include reading with your children, helping with their homework, attending school activities and meetings, or volunteering in classrooms.

What Are the Benefits of Parent Involvement?

  • Extends learning beyond the classroom: Parents can develop a stronger understanding of the preschool curriculum. This is particularly beneficial when children need help with their homework. Learning does not stop at the end of the day in the classroom; it is a continuous process throughout the day when parents have a good understanding of what is taught in the classrooms.
  • Children develop a positive approach towards education and learning: This can help improve self-discipline and help them perform better both in and outside of school. Learning will then be consistent when there is positive partnership between parents and educators.
  • Social benefits: By networking with other parents, teachers and students through social activities, children can feel more comfortable around others and enhance their team building and communication skills.


Tips fot Encouraging Parent Involvement

  • Communication is key: Check in with your child’s preschool teachers on a regular basis. Ask key questions such as: Which areas is my child doing well in? Which areas can they improve in and how can I help? What is my child currently learning and how can I supplement this with relevant activities at home?
  • Attend school activities: e.g. parent-teacher conferences, school plays and concerts, class presentations.
  • Plan educational trips: Plan trips with your child outside of school hours, e.g. trips to museums, trips to the library. If your child is learning about animals, you could take them on a trip to the zoo. This will provide them with an opportunity to apply the knowledge they have gained in preschool to real-life environments.
  • Home based learning: Partake activities at home to extend learning, e.g. singing songs and rhymes based on key concepts they have learnt in class, create musical instruments out of household items, cook with your child to develop their understanding about health and nutrition. Use educational toy to guide them through areas they may need to improve. Watch educational videos together with noP’s STARBOX.
  • Regularly read with your child: Reading books can be incorporated into your child’s night routine. This can also help spark your child’s imagination, stimulate curiosity and expand vocabulary.
  • Ask questions: Regularly ask open-ended questions on how their day at preschool was, e.g. did you learn anything new? What was the highlight of the day? What was the hardest part of the day? This is a great way to encourage children to reflect on their learning.

noP’s Toy & Parenting

Here at White Lodge, we recognize the huge impact that sharing our love for learning has on the children. noP’s mission is to provide our children with high quality education and individualised care. Our Parent and Child toys are interactive and engaging, designed for children aged 6yrs to 10yrs. While they play with toys, children are introduced to activities such as finger exercise, utilization of imagination, social skills development. It does not only do encourage children to learn basic social skills, parents also have the chance to engage with children by building noP toys together.


Parent involvement has immense benefits for both parent/carer and child; children can develop a positive attitude towards learning and progress further in their educational journey whilst parents have a chance to further understand what their child is learning, strengthen relationships with teachers, and bond with their child.

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