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Hello, Space | KID SPACE

Welcome on board to to a space hideout for your children.

Children can enjoy and create their own space in our special playhouse. Playhouse is made from Eco-friendly paper that is certified safe from Korea.

Be an Astronaut, learn about stars in the sky, and dream an infinite universe to build children a bright future.



We are looking for wise parents who don't buy plastic toys for their children.



We will find a way.

3, 2, 1... Take off!!!!

Welcome Space Travelers!

Kids Space is a child’s unique hideout with the theme of space.

It helps the child play creative games.

Kids can be a little astronomer or an astronaut. They create a dream by Knowing an infinite universe.


Messages are hidden in KID SPACE

Find constellations and hidden messages!

You can find the famous lines of the movie Interstellar

in the printed consonants and vowels in KID SPACE.

“We will find a way”.

It’s another fun thing to do with your child.

You and your child can learn and have fun assembling it.

The closer you are to the goal, the more exciting you and your child will be.


We are excited and looking forward to seeing how your KID SPACE turns out!

Create your own KID SPACE.

Children build their own space and imagining creative

It makes children understand how to cooperate

and develop good teamwork with siblings and friends.

Illustration Story of the Product

Please refer to the assembly order.

Default configuration

Excluding Aisle

Wall 9 ea, Square 9 ea, Isosceles triangle 25ea, Lock snap 180 ea

Fastening method of lock snap

Press it on both sides.

Separation method of lock snap

Turn it counterclockwise.

Size unit : mm



About Corrugated Cracks

Kindly check upon receiving the good. It is a natural phenomenon on cardboard products.

This happens when the cardboard's expansion due to the evaporation of moisture in it.

Partial cracking occurs naturally when the wooden blade cut through the product during the serrate procedure with instantaneous force. With thicker and stronger cardboard fabric, our products have better durability comparing to standard cardboard fabric. Rest assured that these cracks do not affect the usability and durability of the product.

Click here for assemble tutorial.

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